Angelfish are the royalty of the tropical fish world. Their long delicate looking fins and compressed bodies shimmer in the lights of the aquarium. Never seeming to be in a hurry, gliding from spot to spot, they look like they are swimming in a procession. A school of angelfish swimming in a well decorated and planted tank give the appearance of a regal and stately dance where we as spectators are allowed a glimpse into their fish palace.

Angelfish have been around in the hobby for over a 100 years. Originally a difficult fish to raise and maintain, now it is among the most common fish in community tanks. They do best in tall aquariums where they can swim and display their fins. They have been bred over the years for a multitude of colors and finnage. Everything from shades of black to the most beautiful of golds, fins that look like blades of a sword to long flowing bridal veils.

Animal Island Pets buys our angelfish from American breeders to bring you the best quality fish available. We carry juvenile angelfish and occasionally large angels depending on availabilty from our suppliers.

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