This page contains the tabs and links to many of our products and animals. .Click on one of the tabs above to go to the specific product page that you are interested in. We continue to expand our inventory and selection of fish, reptiles, amphibians and arachnids (spiders & scorpions) weekly. Our selection of animals is restock weekly and as new varieties become available we add them.

Our inventory of decorative items and essential supplies is re-stocked regularly and we can handle special orders. Our supply of live and frozen foods is fresh and the live foods are delivered sometimes daily as we need additional supplies. If you need a large order of crickets for example, ask us about our special order service. (NOTE: Live foods cannot be shipped and must be picked up at the store.)

We have the best aquarium prices in town! Aquariums and setups from 10 gals to 220 gal. Come and discuss your needs with our sales staff!

If you don't see it here, please call us at 708-293-0600 and speak with one of our staff members about your pet needs.