Big Fish Cichlids

We carry a variety of large Cichlids from Africa and South America (subject to availability).

These fish are large adults. Many of these species are capable of breeding in the right tank setup. With the proper tank and good nutrition, you can see the fascinating  circle of life in your own aquarium.

As some of their names indicate, they can be quite aggressive to their tank mates and need to be kept with other large species capable of defending themselves. These fish require a large tank and good filtration systems. We carry large aquariums and can help set you up with the right type of habitat for these monster sized fish. Ask our experts about setting up a large aquarium with the correct filtration systems. We carry live feeders for these monsters of the lakes.

Big Fish Cichlids Availability
Oscars Albino
Oscars Tiger
Oscars Common
Flower Horns
Red Devils
Green Terrors
Jack Dempsey
Texas Cichlids
Parrot Fish
Firemouth Cichlid
Manguenese (Jaguar)
Large African Cichlids