Metal Stands - Black

blk metal stand Metal Stands
Black Tank size
Price Size Special Notes
15g-20g High call 24x12x30  
20g long 29g- 37g call 30x12x30  
30g- 38g-45g call 36x12x30  
40g long- 55g-60g Show call 48x12x30  
40g-50g-60g call 36x18x30  Breeder tank
75g-90g-110g call 48x18x30  
120g  call for availability 48x24x28 Available in Wood Only
125g-150g call 72x18x30  
180g-220g call 72x24x30  

Metal stand pricing is subject to change based on availability and manufacturer. Please call store for current pricing. 708-293-0600.