We have over 450 varieties of tropical fish in our store. We are constantly adding more as they become available.

Our extensive collection of African Cichlids, which rivals saltwater fish in color and beauty, come from the three great African lakes, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, and Lake Malawi with new species starting to come from the other African lakes and rivers. Many of our African Cichlids are now bred and raised in the US giving us access to them on a regular and sustainable basis. We have a large selection of these beautiful fish. Stop in and see them.

Our collection of tropical fish includes types from every part of the world, South America, Asia, Australia, Southeast Asia, Central America, Africa, India, North America and Europe. These beauties range in size from the small tetras to the large Arrowanas. For the more adventurous or experienced aquarist we even have some monster fish.

We have about 15 to 20 diffent types of Goldfish in stock, everything from the common comet to the exotic looking Celestial Eyes. During the spring, summer and fall months we stock Koi's for your backyard ponds.

Come in and speak with our knowledgable staff and we can assist you is selecting the right kind of fish to fit your interests. We can help you setup gorgeous community tanks with a wide variety of  what we consider community fish types that will give your home a swirling palette of color and movement. If your taste in fish runs to the high energy side of the fish world, a tank filled with the colorful energetic, fiesty African Cichild fills the bill.

If you want to see real monster fish swimming in your aquarium we can show several species of fish that truly do grow to monstrous sizes. Check out our great deals on large aquariums.

(Not all items in stock. Special ordering available.)

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